15 September 2010

She stole the show!

SCRUBS "U" Pediatrics, Charleston, S.C.

There is nothing as magical as teaching people who are hungry to learn. This evening was my SCRUBS "U" career program on Pediatrics hosted by Dr. Drew Baker and the amazing Women's & Children's staff at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. No wonder they have won "Best Place to Have a Baby" for thirteen years in a row.

Thank you, thank you Kelly, Gene and Beth....and a special thanks to our darling model Katie born this morning and whose mom let her make a special appearance.


  1. Well they say you are never suppose to work with babies or cute animals. One day old and she is already a star, call an agent.

  2. Never fear, I brought a dog in as well! I asked the pet therapist to bring her beautiful black lab to talk about how we use her to calm down kids before procedures. She rolled over and did a few tricks. A big hit!

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    They look captivated. An other great job Joan. Sally


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