11 September 2010

Saturday Morning Stroll

Charleston, S.C.

I took the wide angle lens for stroll this morning. Weird effect.

In other news - Doe's Pita is closing downtown! Noooooo! Who is going to make me my Avocado Pita Pocket All the Way? This is serious. Can I call an emergency City Council meeting?

My tradition after any trip is to go for a long walk to reclaim my territories, pick up a few groceries in my back pack and stop for an Avocado Pita Pocket at Doe's. That is what I did on Tuesday after getting back from Canada. This sad. Thanks Doe. You've taken good care of us for a very long time.


  1. To hearten you, the Sunday New York Times Travel section is featuring "36 Hours in Charleston".

  2. Was that you walking by the Hominy Grill this morning around 1015?

  3. Catalyst - I saw that! We've been getting some major luvin' from the New York Times lately.

    JanetLee - that was me. Marching along with my ball cap on :) Were you brunching?

  4. I heard about Doe's from a buddy. Never been there but he said it was great. I hope they can bounce back at some point, I hope we all do for that matter.

  5. Nope, on the way to the Farmer's Market. Will be brunching there this afternoon with Mom and some distant cousins down from New York City.


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