17 September 2010

Pedal Power

Market St., Charleston, S.C.

Years ago in Hong Kong I took a picture of an ornately decorated rickshaw. They laughed when it was suggested that they might actually be used for transportation. They were purely for photo ops and expected a nice tip for being in a picture.

Fast forward to Charleston where bicycle rickshaws are all over. Amazing. I rode in one for the first time this summer when I had friends visiting. I felt kinda sheepish being transported around town where I walk daily but I did arrive without being soaked with sweat. Go rickshaw drivers!


  1. It certainly fits in with how SC leaders see residents putting their education to good use.

  2. Your weren't even soaked with the driver's sweat? He musta put up the little rain-thingy....

  3. Waldo - You've been reading Ken Burger, eh? :)

    MrScribbler - there were three of us in the rickshaw I was in this summer. He should have been sweating!

  4. I have a similar photo that I want to post soon. Nice capture.


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