08 September 2010

Guess where in Charleston?!

Mural, Charleston, S.C.

Any clue where this mural is? Let's see if anyone knows and then I will post the location.

Edit: Correct answer in comments! Thanks folks. I need to get some prizes, don't I? This is a mural painted by David Boatwright on one of the renovated sheds down in the Market.


  1. The local Farmers Market? Wonderful photo!

  2. Cape Reader6:34 AM

    It's the renovated City Market! By the way, they did some wonderful improvements on both the interior and exterior.

  3. My guess is a farmer's market. I love these retro style advertisements/murals.

  4. You guessed it! It is David Boatwright's new mural in the renovated market in town. So cool! It is between two buildings so I hadn't noticed it before and had to go looking. I like it.

  5. Hi Joan.... I really like this ! Neat mural :)

  6. Gorgeous! I need to get down there and see it in person!


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