01 July 2010

Thursday Hodge Podge

Coming & Beaufain St., Charleston, S.C.

I like a town with corner stores. I need to start supporting them more than I do.

$2,800 to get my air conditioner fixed. What kinda summer fun is that? Blah.

Here's a bedtime story for your kids. They will never play with fire after you read this to them a couple of times. Yikes! The Story of Little Kettle head. Written in 1904 by Helen Bannerman. No subtle moral to this tale. Off with her head!

It's perfect peach season! The problem is, living alone I have to eat four or five peaches a day to stay ahead of them rotting when I buy a basket.

What does everyone have planned for the long weekend? I was looking at the Johnny Cash tribute at the Village Playhouse on Saturday night. They are selling hot dogs and hamburgers in front of the theater before the show. Maybe I'll see you there.