03 July 2010

Stinky Business

Abercrombie & Fitch, King St., Charleston, S.C.

Why, I ask you, why is this shop allowed to poison our main shopping district with the smell of perfume so strong it hurts your nose just to walk by? I can't imagine the effect it must have on the employees who work there. I've tried a couple of times through the years to cross the threshold but turn right back. I'm not alone. There are other pages of complaints online so they obviously know it's an issue.

Here is an article about a group of teens protesting the smell in their area.

I found this quote about the way they pump the perfume into the air:
Abercrombie said it's spent more than $3 million on scent machines to pump its Fierce fragrance through its stores — meaning that they've been committing the olfactory equivalent of subliminal messaging while you're shopping.

Aaack! It would be one thing if the smell was contained behind closed doors but they leave them flung wide open and the smell is so overpowering even crossing the street doesn't help.