27 July 2010

Eat More Curry

Statue, Charleston, S.C.

I walked the streets named after women on Sunday morning - Charlotte, Judith, Mary, Elizabeth and stuck the camera through a fence to get this picture. I believe it was Charlotte and Alexander.

I was home a little early today to meet Greg from Terminex for my annual pest treatment to the house (well worth every penny) and had the tv on at an unusual time for me. Dr. Oz was talking about Alzheimer's - current thinking about this dreadful disease and what we might do to prevent it.

Besides physical activity and a health diet, the thing that might actually make a difference? Eating curry. He recommended eating curry twice a week. Once again, I waited long enough for research to come up with something I like. More curry!

Dr. Oz - Eat Curry to Prevent Alzheimer's: At the very end of the segment, Dr Oz said that one of the best ways to ward off Alzheimer's is to eat curry. He suggested that everyone eat two servings of curry each week.