05 June 2010

Etsy Artist's Market

Etsy Craft Market, Music Farm, Charleston, S.C.

I've served my time behind tables at craft sales, even supported myself for months during a period when I was waiting for my working papers, selling Applehead Dolls (of all things!). Lord, that was a long time ago.

These days clever crafty folks sell their wares on Etsy.com. Pictured above, darling hand crochet children's items from Joy Leftwich (left) at Little Miss Frilly and below check out the cute critters from finkelsteins.etsy.com.

Lowcountry Etsy merchants gathered together today at the Music Farm to sell their handiwork in person. There was no admission fee and the place was bustling with activity. I wish them all the luck in the world. Here is the City Paper write up on the event.