19 June 2010

Colonial Lake Walking

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.

It's where I first started walking on a regular basis - round and round Colonial Lake. My mind would race ahead and I'd keep on marching forgetting how many times I had circled. I pounded the day into the pavement.
Colonial Lake: The park around the lake was developed in 1882-87. Fountains were placed in the lake in 1973, not for decorative purposes, but to aerate the water and prevent fish kills on hot summer days.

"Gala Week" used to be held in the fall of the year, with a fireworks display on the west side of the Pond, which was then an undeveloped area. Spectators filled to park and crowded onto boats in the lake.
Stockton, DYKYC, May 14, 1973. Rhett & Steele, 24-25. Whitelaw & Levkoff, 154-155.

Gala Week? Maybe we should bring back Gala Week at the lake.