14 June 2010

Charleston Chef Dream Team

Seeds of Hope Dinner, Roper Cancer Center Benefit, McCrady's, Charleston, S.C.

Wowza! Check out this Charleston Chef Dream Team! This was the line up for the Seeds of Hope dinner benefiting the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center on Sunday night and I was lucky enough to be there.

Chef Sean Brock of McCrady's, Frank Lee of Slightly North of Broad, Jacques Larson of Wild Olive, Ken Verdinski of Trattoria Lucca and Mike Lata of FIG. For this dinner they were paired with the farmers whose fresh produce they used for the evening.

I have lined up the dishes in to match the picture from left to right rather than the order in which they were served - not that there is anything wrong with starting with dessert. What an incredible treat. Thank you gentlemen!

More photos here.