13 May 2010

Dinner with the Courtney family

Unity Alley, Charleston, S.C.

Many years ago when I was a baby blogger there were only a few of us actively blogging in the lowcountry and as I got started I paid my respects to those who were already established. One of them was Notoriously Nice Mike. Mike and I and two others had the first local blogging get together over lunch.

Last night I enjoyed a delicious dinner at the best table at McCrady's Restaurant with Notoriously Nice Mike's daughters Justine, Briar and son in law Isaac. We were treated like royalty (thanks Andre'!). Briar, a chef in New York, brought her knives down for her visit and was invited to work in the kitchen with Chef Brock and his staff today.

Thanks Courtney family - it was great to meet you after hearing so much about you through the years!

Chef Brock stopped by to visit and let me try on his shiny new James Beard medal for size....just for a minute. If he had looked away for just a minute I'd be wearing it still.