17 May 2010

Dinner & Dancing. Oh my!

Chef Sean, O-ku, King St., Charleston, S.C.

I was ambling down King St. yesterday enjoying Car Free King St. Day when my friend Dr. Geer called offering me his Guerrilla Cuisine tickets for the evening. Could I use them? Yessiree. Lucky me. (Thank you, thank you!)

The evening's dinner was held inside the stylish new sushi restaurant Oku on upper King St. Heard about it, heard about it but hadn't been inside yet. I'd been told about great sushi, beautiful servers with tiny black dresses and dangerously high heels. All true.

Chef Brett McKee from Oak and Chef Sean from O-ku (Oak in Japanese) alternated preparing our seven tasty courses.

We snuck in at the last minute. I told them I was Dr. Geer and took the last few seats near the door. This spot was important when the intermission entertainment turned out to be a Burlesque Show. Holy cow! They hung a tiny black drape in the window but these gals were stripping to next to nothing with their backs facing a surprised audience on King St. It was almost as much fun watching their faces as it was the dancers.

The dishes caused serious excitement among the real sushi lovers. More photos here. Jimihatt and Angel were gracious hosts as always.