01 April 2010

Signs of the times

Hwy 176, S.C.

Tsk, tsk. Even vegetarians aren't supposed to spray paint messages on buildings.

Busy day kids. I've been everywhere but upside down.

From the American Heart Association CEO breakfast in North Charleston, to the hospital in time to dash for a photo of a nursing award, into town as an invited guest at the Marketing Association lunch meeting at the Marriott on Lockwood. I got out just in time to make it back to work for our monthly manager's meeting.

No worries, I tried to squeeze a whole day's work into the last forty five minutes and pretending it was the end of my week I made it to the movies with a girlfriend and ended up at JPaulz for the first time in a long time. Yummers. Now I am nodding off on the couch happy to be off tomorrow.