21 April 2010

JP Gates

Chalmers St., Charleston, S.C.

I appreciate the fact that the well known Charleston author Josephine Pinckney put my initials "JP" on her gate.

This blogger found some old pictures of her that were taken for Life Magazine.
Autobiographical Snippet from the dust cover of Three O'clock Dinner by Josephine Pinckney: "Josephine Pinckney may be described as a cosmopolitan Charlestonian. She has traveled widely abroad, spent a year in Italy, lived winters in New York and summers in Mexico, but she always goes back to home and garden in Charleston,just as her family, well known in the south, has for generations. A literary lady, she has previously published a book of poems, "Sea Drinking Cities" and a novel, Hilton Head. With DuBose Heyward, Hervey Allen and others, she started the Poetry Society of South Carolina which has a strong influence on the rebirth of literature in the South. As a hobby, Miss Pinckney collects and transcribes spirituals which she sings with a group called the Society for the Preservation of Spirituals. Gardening and dogs have a strong appeal for her, and she collects old china and first editions."

I can't write poetry or sing but I think it's time to move the JP gates up the peninsula to my house.