20 April 2010

Greenhouse Effect

Hampton Park, Charleston, S.C.

I had dinner in a greenhouse on Sunday night and found a lot to take pictures of besides the delicious food. Look at all these colorful treats! I've been going to Hampton Park since my kids were little and never knew all of this was here.

Walked late. Wide awake. Want to stay up all night and sleep all day.


  1. I have stuff growing out of my hiking shoes as well, but its not something I want to keep, much less take a picture of.

  2. Shoe Planters! :) I need to hit a garage sale ASAP and find little kids cowboy boots.

  3. An interesting use for old shoes!

  4. Love those shoes. The other 'planters' are intersting as well.

  5. Ohhh....kid's cowboy boots would be adorable! What a great idea. I am a sucker for kids shoes anyway.


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