09 April 2010

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Sires St., Charleston, S.C.

Up and at 'em kids! I am taking my favorite Frenchman to Magnolia Gardens this morning,

Sweet little house, isn't it? It looks like a mini farmhouse but is on Sires St. and a sign says it is the Michelmann Michel House.

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It's been a busy week for Joan_Monkey!

# I'm having a drink 2:01 AM Apr 9th
# I'm resting 11:52 PM Apr 8th
# I'm resting 11:04 AM Apr 8th
# I just mated with @bruce_monkey 9:00 AM Apr 8th
# Feeling confused 8:53 AM Apr 8th
# I love @bruce_monkey @oskar_monkey 8:53 AM Apr 8th
# I'm thirsty 8:14 AM Apr 8th
# I want a banana 5:27 PM Apr 7th
# I'm having a drink 2:33 PM Apr 7th
# I'm playing games with @bruce_monkey
# I'm angry 8:25 AM Apr 7th
# I'm happy 7:40 AM Apr 7th
# I'm going on the monkey bars 7:14 AM Apr 7th
# I'm excited @oskar_monkey 6:36 AM Apr 6th
# Pulling faces @oskar_monkey 1:43 AM Apr 3rd
# I'm going to swing on a tyre 8:36 AM Apr 2nd
# I want fruit 3:32 AM Apr 2nd via
# Just woken up 11:36 PM Apr 1st
# I want some nuts 8:45 AM Apr 1st
# I'm being groomed.

I wanna be groomed!