11 April 2010

Church Photo - Attended

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

This time it isn't my usual church photo in lieu of attendance. Fooled ya.

For the second weekend in a row I packed a picnic and took someone dear to me to Magnolia Plantation. This time I explained to my favorite Deacon - Andre' (Deacon at Christ our King as well as the GM of McCrady's Restaurant) that this is my church. What place can be more spiritual than this beautiful place? He will be in church this morning but I think he understood :).

The garden is in full glory and the egrets are settling into their nests in the rookery. If you haven't had a chance to go, take a day off work early this week and drive out. You won't regret it.

Hey - I just noticed the swirl of pollen in the water under the bridge kinda looks like a heart.