24 March 2010

Nothing could be finer....

Nothing could be finer than sitting in my recliner in the mornin'...

I loved this picture. I'd picture the seats full of a cast of characters, sitting in the shade enjoying a smoke, a cold drink and catching up on the local gossip.

It was taken in the tiny town of Pomaria, S.C. It's gone now and I can tell that by zooming in on google maps. Here is the exact location on Victoria Street. Amazing. My street in Charleston isn't on google street view but the back view of the abandoned buildings of Pomaria is.


  1. But wait....in the second pic, there are more chairs and they are rearranged. Did you take both photos? (as for why they are gone...is there any wonder? ewwwwww)

  2. You are good! I took them on two separate occasions. I imsgine they were pretty nasty.

  3. I love this picture. It has such emotion and stirs the imagination.

  4. If we go for the original words of the song, which "Carolina" are we talking about??

    (I've always wondered that)


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