02 March 2010

Aimar's Sarracenia Bitters - for Dyspepsia

King & Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

I swing around this corner heading home from my walk almost every day and am fully aware of the history I am walking by. Now-a-days, I often dash in to drop off funds for the American Heart Association on the third floor but throughout it's history it has been a girl's school, confederate hospital, hotel and until 1978 the Aimar Dispensary. When the drugstore closed after more than 100 years, the Smithsonian bought items left in the store.

Aimar Drug Company: A pharmacy established in 1852 which operated in Charleston, South Carolina for over 100 years. During the Civil War the store served as an official dispensary for the Confederate States of America, and the top three floors were converted to a hospital. The store remained in the family and in business until 1978

409 King St.
This substantial, four and one-half story building was built c.1808 by Lucretia Radcliffe, widow of Thomas Radcliffe and the developer of Radcliffeborough. Subsequently it was the Rev. Ferdinand Jacobs' Seminary for Girls. G.W. Aimar & Co., druggist, occupied the building from 1852 to 1978. The business was founded by George W. Aimar, who during the Civil War was a lieutenant in the Lafayette Artillery. During the war the building housed a Confederate dispensary and hospital. Later, a hotel known as the Aimar House was located on the upper levels.

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