07 February 2010

National Geographic Traveller Link

King & Broad St., Charleston, S.C.

This made me smile! The National Geographic Travel site lists Charleston Daily Photo as one of their recommended links to find free things to do in Charleston. Coolness abounds my friends!

During the years I lived overseas without TV or English radio, we had two magazines delivered - Time Magazine and National Geographic. We read every article. We read them in bed, read them at the table, read them by kerosene lamps and snuggled up by the coal stove. They are probably still there forty years later. Tipsy mailmen drinking sweet milk tea from thick clear glasses as they played carrom, read and shared them at the Post Office before delivering them to our door.

We had four or five English records for the record player then - Tennessee Ernie Ford and Jim Reeves, so the thin black plastic mini records occasionally included between the pages of the National Geographic magazines were big hits. Something new to listen to! I used to be pretty good at the "Speeches of Winston Churchill" and I bet I can still recite most of "Sounds of the Whales." Heh.

Any link from National Geographic is a happy trip down memory lane for me.

I am off to do my main free and best thing, walk the peninsula.