11 February 2010

Calling all cooks, chefs and restaurants!

Water Missions International, Charleston, S.C.

I tend to snoop around and when I was last at the Water Missions International office on Savannah Highway watching them put together the purification systems for Haiti, I saw donuts being delivered for the volunteers. They are trying to produce five water treatment systems a day during this crisis - that takes some work.

I wondered who fed the volunteers and emailed out of curiosity to see if lunches were donated and for how many people. They wrote back and said, "Yes! Please, we need lunch for thirty five, can you bring it on Thursday?!"

I did a little sweet talking and the next thing you know Dan Curry in the hospital cafeteria had boxes full of wraps, giant cookies and fruit. My volunteer Tom Gardner loaded up his truck and we delivered lunch for thirty five today. Coolness!

This is going to go on for a while. If you like to cook, know folks in restaurants or cafeterias think of helping out. Call them up at (843)769-7395 and offer to bring lunch for the miracle workers.