02 January 2010

My First Footers - 2010

Perry Family, Charleston, S.C.

I was invited to participate in the Resolution Run at Hampton Park (don't run, too cold) and the Polar Bear Swim (I don't think so...). Luckily the new Year's tradition that comes from my Scottish background involves something a little easier to manage.
First Footer: The first person to visit your home on New Year’s Day has significance. It is considered good luck for a man to be the first person to cross your threshold (you have to let him in; he shouldn’t use a key to let himself in). It’s even better luck if he’s tall and good looking with dark hair. I’ve read specifically that the first footer should not have flat feet, crossed-eyes or a unibrow.

That's it, kids! I am supposed to have a tall, dark handsome man cross my threshold on New Year's Day. I think I can handle that! I should have an incredibly good year since I had not one, but four gentlemen come to my door yesterday. My brother Roger, wife Kathy and my nephews Caleb, Jesse and Joshua stopped by on their way home to Canada and spent the night. Thanks folks! I should have a grand 2010.

I've taken care of my tradition but I definitely think the rest of you should jump in the ocean.