22 January 2010

Friday Night Hodge Podge

King St., Charleston, S.C.

The picture has to be lopsided to catch the observation tower behind the building.

Yipee! It's Friday! It's been a scattered day. I started bright and early in a Vision Council at Trident United Way in North Charleston and ended the night at a raunchy and hilarious Rodney Carrington concert at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. What personality profile do I fit in?

Check here for some lovely garden photos from another "Perry". He isn't exactly a relative but I claim every Perry who does anything cool.

Need a private office to get some peace and quiet? Check out the Office Pod.

WomansDay.com wrote to ask if they could use this picture of a dessert I took at a charity dinner. Chef Sean Brock from McCrady's had taken baby carrots and dipped them in dark chocolate to make this gorgeous dish. They didn't tell me the article was going to be titled 8 Curious Chocolate Covered Creations and include chocolate covered crickets and squid. I can testify that this dessert was delicious.

According to Fortune Magazine there are no best Companies to work in South Carolina. We didn't even make their list. Hmmmph. I think I work for a darn good company.

G'night kids. Let's have a great weekend.