27 December 2009

Our Lady of Folly

Folly Beach, S.C.

I can fill up my "Quirky, SC" album in one morning's walk on Folly Beach :). I love that place.

After feeling like Sunday for four days it finally is and I want more. I try to do one home improvement project on a long weekend but since I've paid $$$ for so much work to be done lately I was easy on myself. I bought a can of white enamel and painted my back door. It's a bit streaky so I'll need to do another coat this morning - as soon as I get my lazy butt off the couch, leap into action and go for my walk.

I treated myself to season 4 of Weeds. I turned the tree lights on, lit the gas log fireplace, brought in the paper and watched two episodes with my tea and toast this morning. Such luxury.

The sun has broken through the clouds and it looks like a glorious lowcountry day. What are you all up to on your last day off?