04 December 2009

Nurse Florence Sock Monkey

Charleston, S.C.

I get lots of google hits searching for "Dr. Sock Monkey" and they land on the right spot. Something was missing though and I took care of that last night, embroidering concerned eyebrows and putting the finishing touches on hair fuzz. You can't run a hospital without nurses.

Meet Nurse Florence Sock Monkey! We presented her to our VP of Nursing today and she was a big hit.

I make the monkeys but the talented costume designer is Loretta Kennedy. Loretta missed our luncheon shindig (don't know why. Joe who checked me out at Publix saw that I was making pie came to the party), so here she is in all her glory. I told our lucky owner that I'd have to borrow her next week for her formal monkey portrait in front of the hospital. The outfit is perfect with the white pinafore criss-crossing in the back and a real vintage St. Francis Nursing School pin. She is a grand finale to our monkey business this year.

Thanks Loretta! You are the monkey outfit Queen!