22 December 2009

Exactly what I wanted....

Charleston, S.C.

I got myself an early Christmas present and it's exactly what I wanted.

Not the good looking gentleman - get your dirty minds out of the gutter. My shiny new white gutter.

I've been having trouble with the gutters on the side of my house since I got my new roof a few years ago. They were lined up to dump rain water directly on my head when I got in and out of my car in the drive. Splat. I was pretty much used to having a bucket of cold water land on me every time it rained but worried it might eventually damage the side of my house as well as my "do".

Owen James hadn't been able to put my roof on when I needed it because he was recovering from falling off a roof (oooops) at the time but he was happy to rescue me now.

Give Owen a holler at 843-478-7884 if you need roofing, painting, waterproofing etc. done and tell him I said to take good care of you. Big jobs or small.

He is cute though, isn't he? I try not to need him too often.