30 December 2009

Guess What SC Town?

Where in the world, SC?

Today's game, and one I have enough pictures to do for a while, is to see if anyone can guess what small South Carolina town this scene is from. Anyone know?

I love this limbo week between Christmas and New Year's. No meetings, few phone calls. It's almost worth going to work just to enjoy it. My voice mail light wasn't on this morning. I dumped piles of paper in the shredder. I haven't exactly cleaned my desk but I do know this - it is brown under there.

It's almost New Year's Eve kids, whatcha got cookin'? I am going with a gaggle of women friends to early dinner at McCrady's where I know we will be spoiled. We might have one cancellation if anyone wants to join us. Some of the ladies are sneaking out with us and then arriving back home to bring in the New Year with their husbands.