26 December 2009

The Great Grandmama of the Live Oaks

Angel Oak, Johns Island, S.C.

I am having a solitary day and paid a visit to the grandmother of all oak trees - the Angel Oak on Johns Island. I could have stayed all morning offering to take family pictures of fellow tree worshipers so they could all be in their pictures. It's a peaceful crowd who come to wander under limbs so heavy they curl around on the ground propped on blocks of wood. Visitors nod as if we recognize each other aware of why we've come.

She is a difficult tree to get a picture of and the results are always disappointing after the grandeur of the experience. I'll be back to try again.
According to SCIWay
The Angel Oak on Johns Island is believed to be between 500 and 1,500 years old, making it one of the oldest live oaks in the country. While its height of 65 feet may not be impressive, the shaded area covered by its foliage extends over 17,000 square feet!

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