05 November 2009

Things to write in cement

Cawabanga Dude! Warren st., Charleston, S.C.

People after my own heart. The Worth1000 community called for submissions. Category? Things to write in cement.

Some of the entries:

Now Approaching Mafia Burial Ground...
You wanted concrete evidence ...!?!
This building is situated on the location of a former construction site
Dance here to win awesome prizes!
Help! I'm trapped in the concrete mixer!
If you continue to stand here, you will gain great wealth and fortune. Your life will be perfect. Have fun!
If you can read this...Your blocking the sidewalk!
This cement is dry
My heart is like cement; at first soft as butter, then hardened by years of misery and monotony..
Made in China.
Bending your neck to glance down at something strains your muscles and can cause permanent damage to your spine.
STOP! I'm glad that you stopped to read this. There are thieves in the bushes planning to steal your wallet.
I came, I saw, I stood, I thought, I wrote, I admired, I conquered, I went.