30 November 2009


Hampton Park, Charleston, S.C.

Renting out parts of this big old house helps pay the taxes and allows me to live on the peninsula where I can walk out and bring you back pretty pictures.

Being a landlady has mostly been a positive experience. I've made real friends, done things with tenants socially, baked for them, and when I had my family living here I invited tenants to join us for holidays. I've seen two sets of tenants get married after leaving my property. That is full service!

My downstairs tenant is moving on and I've been stumbling though weekly yard sales to get to my door. Reflecting back on people who have rented here, I've come up with these careers.

Rickshaw Driver
Art History Professor
Navy - Nuclear Sub
Exotic Dancer (rent paid in a very thick envelope of cash)
Physical Therapist
Taxi Drivers
Coast Guard

What shall I look for next? A tinker, a tailor?