26 November 2009

Gobble Wobble - Runners in the Mist

Turkey Day Run, Charleston, S.C.

The annual Turkey Day run is a 32 year old tradition in Charleston now attracting over 5,000 participants, and I walked through the festivities this morning. The fog was heavy enough to make a photographer's heart go pitter patter.

The Turkey Day Run’s mission is to raise money for local charities. Each year, a portion of the proceeds from the run are donated to non-profit organizations in the Charleston area. Additionally, more than $13,000 was donated to the Heroes Fund in 2009. This fund will assist families of First Responders who die or are seriously injured in the line of duty.

I didn't stick around long but more are photos uploading here as I speak: Turkey Day Run

My son and I are going out to eat this evening. It seems unreasonable not to start feasting before then so I have strawberry stuffed french toast and bacon ready for an appetizer brunch. I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving. It's hard to explain how grateful I am for all of you, this community of friends who drop by and leave such friendly comments.

Someone has to win!