14 October 2009

Mepkin Monks Mushrooming

Mepkin Abbey, Moncks Corner, S.C.

When the industrious Monks of Mepkin Abbey were harassed by PETA into giving up their egg business I hoped they would consider the benefits (to me) of dedicating their lives to making fudge. It has such a happy ring to it. The Fudge Making Monks of Mepkin. I could apply for a job as a third generation fudge taste tester just like the Tea Plantation boasts. I am however, quite happy with their compromise of growing mushrooms. Meet the Mushroom Monks of Mepkin:

Mushrooms & More
It is the way of life as outlined in the Rule of St. Benedict that brings about the atmosphere of attentiveness and care that makes such quality possible over time. We are grateful to announce that our production is now high enough to meet the demands of our local market, from over a dozen restaurants in the Lowcountry to your local Piggly Wiggly.

As we continue to increase the output of our greenhouses, we also aim to increase your expectations of healthful and quality food.

With thanks,

Abbot Stan and the Brothers of Mepkin

I do love mushrooms.