06 September 2009

On the road - Portland, Oregon

Redwoods, California

Some people drive through, but I am a walker, right? We paid $4 for our drive through photo op. Had to do it.

Back in Portland being completely lazy. Adjusting to the time change flying east is going to be a bit of a shocker. Yesterday we ate a big fat brunch and I wandered all afternoon seeing Velveteria the black velvet painting museum, the 24 hour roadside church of Elvis museum, ate a doughnut at the VooDoo Doughnut shop (the magic is in the hole!) and ended at a crepe restaurant for dinner. Yummers.

I fly back tomorrow so will get back on track with the Charleston Daily Photo as usual. I was hoping they would get the dreaded Joint Commission hospital survey over with while I was away but it seems they haven't. Wonder if I can take another week or two off?