10 September 2009

It's Going to be a Full Life!

Middleton Place Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

I've stolen this from my nephew Jesse's Facebook site because it charmed me so. I wasn't as clear about my goals when I was 19. I think he presents as an interesting, well rounded, energetic and ambitious person. It's listed as a first edition and he is open for suggestions. Do you have anything he should add?
My Bucket List (1st Edition subject to change)
Friday, August 21, 2009 at 6:43pm
Bucket List

Go to a SuperBowl
Go to a FIFA World Cup game
Mountain bike in the Himalaya Mountains
Visit England, Scotland, Ireland, and a couple countries in Africa
Russia-Lake Baikal-catch a taimen-Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Canoe on the Amazon
Visit the Taj Mahal, Parthenon, and Victoria Falls
Go Grunion Hunting –San Diego
Learn how to speak 2 more languages (French being one of them so I can work for MSF)
Get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Work as a humanitarian aid worker in Africa
Live in the Rocky Mountains for a while
Read Ulysses, the Iliad, the Odyssey
Read the Bible at one sitting
Get through the Koran and a few other holy books as well
Figure out what I believe
Go spear fishing
Visit Petra
Visit the Inca City of Machu Picchu
Go Caribou hunting
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef
Write a book and have it published
Go on a food tour of Europe: Italy, Paris, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Venice
Do back-flips off the ground
Go zip-lining
Never be “out of shape” by my standards
Hit up the pyramids for a bit
See the Mayan Temples (Guatemala)
Run for 24 hrs w/o stopping
Work on a charter fishing boat for a season
Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
See U2 in concert (Dublin possibly?)
Ride across Canada by rail
Never go to Vegas
See the the Banaue Rice Terraces
Run around in "The Colosseum"
Hike the Grand Canyon (and camp there?)
Never go into debt more than $20,000 and for no longer than a year
Hold my breath under water for 2 minutes with no repercussions to my health
Die and then come back to life again (and then die again... hopefully)
Kick a 60 yard field goal (I'll do it, don't even worry about it)
(Make a Scrapbook about all of it!)

What do you think? Any suggestions?