15 September 2009

Can it be twenty years ago?

Awendaw Creek, Hwy 17 North, S.C.

Can it be twenty years? Twenty years since I had a name tag put on my wrist when I went to work at the hospital in case my body needed to be identified. Twenty years since every house on my street earned a new roof and boats were scattered over the peninsula? I used to think we should run shredded blue tarp up our flagpoles on the anniversary date of Hurricane Hugo since we all had them to keep the rain out of our wounded homes.

It still seems too recent to bear the thought of Charleston being hit by another major hurricane and thankfully we've been lucky this year. We didn't have digital cameras then, but many of us were taking pictures and the Post & Courier is looking for them. It's time to dust off your scrapbooks, scan in a few and forward them to the email listed below.
We Want to Hear from You
The Post and Courier and postandcourier.com are compiling stories and photos for the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo. Do you have a story to tell? Send your story ideas, photographs and contact info to newstips@postandcourier.com.

Whoops...to clarify, this photo was taken this weekend. The boat landed there after Hugo and lays there still.