21 August 2009

Don't hate me because I am beautiful...

Men in Red, Charleston, S.C.

Girls just wanna have fun!

The Red Dress is the national symbol for heart disease awareness and prevention. At the hospital I work at, we've turned the Red Dress into an oddly successful fund raising prank. It all started four years ago when I asked one of my volunteers to sew a couple red dresses - in men's sizes.

We set it up so that the gentleman in whose name we donated the most money, would have to wear the Red Dress in public, parade through the hospital and sit down and have lunch in the hospital cafeteria. The prank has taken on a life of it's own, growing more successful and raising more money each year. The promo photo ops have become more and more elaborate and I send around links to photo albums making staff all over our facilities splutter and spill coffee over their key boards. Wives and girlfriends donate accessories and Dillards actually loaned one of our physicians two dresses to wear last year.

From Anesthesiologists to Pharmacists, our Vice Presidents and CEO's, they have been oddly horrified and flattered when asked to represent a heart walk team. The Women's & Children's staff even roped in one of the on-site construction workers.

This is how I ended my day today, taking pictures of five men from our Central & Physician Billing Office. Their co-workers almost died laughing while I was taking the picture and a man walked out, talking on his cell phone and started handing the "ladies" dollar bills.

Thanks guys! Just keep reminding yourself that it is for a good cause! Thanks to Leah Sparks for coordinating the happy chaos.