15 August 2009

Crepe Myrtles in bloom

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

The Crepe Myrtles have been glorious this year, although they've recently had many of the blossoms beaten off the branches with our daily rain storms. It's been a trick staying a step ahead of dark storm clouds lately. That is a cute little closed up service station in the background.

Later kids. I am taking my sore toe out for a stroll down King St. to see how we manage. It looks and feels much better after evening soaks this week. I had bruises up and down my forehead, arms and legs from the cabinet that landed on me and although I am feeling healed they look most impressively colorful and dramatic now. I had lots of worried questions at work this week. Nice folks I work with.

Word spread that I was trying to pass it off as an "old sex injury" and people started poking their heads in my office just to ask how I got hurt. Hmmmmmph. Why is that so outrageous? It was supposed to be funny but not THAT funny. ;)