17 August 2009

Before & After - Backyard Style

Charleston, S.C.

Two things, one - I clearly spend way too much time on pranks. Two, I have very patient family and friends. Three, being mature sucks.

A couple of years ago I painted a quilt on my ratty old garage doors. They couldn't look worse so I used up every old dribble of paint I had and turned it into a bed mural. I thought it would be terrible funny to joke about everyone I'd had in my bed. Harhar. Recently, thinking that I would eventually sell my house, I decided to do the grown up thing and paint it. Grey. Sad, eh? How incredible boring is that?

A couple of my victims were: my daughter and her sweetie, nephew Caleb, sister Shirley and niece Teresa, nephew Jesse, brother Roger and his wife Kathy.