09 July 2009

One Sentence Stories

Reflections, East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.

True stories, told in one sentence.

These are the 50 most popularly-rated sentences of all time. Just like high school, though, sometimes the losers are the cooler kids to hang around with.

While my husband (then boyfriend) proposed, I could see a man standing on a picnic table and peeing into the bushes in my peripheral vision - but it was the best night of my life all the same.

Five years later, I still have a scar of my husband's entire dental impression from when he bit my abdomen.

My heart broke as I pulled the black cape around my neck and saw the tag that was labeled, "Does not enable you to fly."

The first time I met my father was when he made a delivery to my house as a UPS worker.

Quitting a job that you love is much harder when your boss starts crying in the middle of the conversation.

Many more on their web site. You can vote to decide which new submissions move up to the "Best Of" pages. I bet I could do one but I'm too hot to think. Just back from my walk all sweaty and sticky.