27 July 2009

Digging in to a new week

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

Vanderhorst & Smith. Through the years this apartment building has been home to countless high energy, late night College of Charleston student festivities. Frisbees flying, beach towels drying, beer cans rolling, lawn chairs left collapsed and rusting in the yard. I suspect there are many happy but vague memories of parties held here.

Hordes of tipsy residents from this property used to leap up to grab the corner of the barely reachable flag flying from my porch. They would give it a hard enough jerk to snap the wooden flagpole and wave it victoriously high as they staggered down the street late at night. How do I know? We recaptured one flag in the wee hours of the morning from a couple of stunned students living in one of those top floor apartments. I finally stopped hanging them at all.

It's an impressive building yet I've always wondered why they painted it this color.

G'night kids. I am just back from a late walk to realize that I left all my weekend chores to do on this Monday night. Blah. How did that happen?


  1. It's amazing what college students think to do. And the building was probably nice in its day.
    What is with that color??

    The Thornhill Farms shoot looks like a ton of fun. (My wife was so excited for you and your good fortune to HAVE to take part in the magazine layout.) Southern Living features your great city this month with a Pat Conroy article and Charleston never looked better. It deserves all the attention it receives. Too bad you had to put away bottles of wine at 9:30 in the AM all in the name of a magazine production schedule. What a fantastic life!!

  2. Frank - It is a lively place!

    I did get lucky didn't I? I'll have to pick up that Southern Living. I love Pat Conroy.

  3. Egads, woman - the link to the baby poop site had me spitting all over my keyboard laughing. HA! You're a funny duck.

  4. Heheh. Sadly it is one of my most followed links. To Baby Poop. It's a shame. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh. A baby poop site. Loved it. Brought back a stream of memories of my own children's poop. Was always amazed at the multicolor poops. Each one clump a different color. Unfortunately it didn't take long for the colors to settle on the same stinky brown. Ugh. Must have been the soy milk they both drank. I don't know. But enjoyed the colored poop.

  6. Joe - Sadly the Baby Poop link is the most popular exit link from my blog this week. ;)


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