09 July 2009

Before & After, Elliott St.

Elliott St., Charleston, S.C.

I like these before and after shots. I walk so much I get to track the progress.

Disgusting morning so far, kids. I had mentioned hearing the pitter patter of little feet above the ceiling and suspected a critter was coming down into my hall closet. I cleaned it out and left some tempting glue pads last week. Last night I heard thumping and squeaking but couldn't bare to deal with it in the dark. Cringe. This is so gross. Not a pretty sight. I need to cleanse and reset my eye palette by looking at something incredibly attractive.


  1. All the doors in Chaerleston are grand...even multi-colored. I loved your Walk-ins post. Small, fascinating shops must strive doubly hard to attract our attention.

    BTW - I just sent my wife to visit "attractive." She informs me she has spent time with him before at your pointed insistence. - secrat pleaures that I simply don't understand. (That's it, I'm buying an eye patch and leather vest. Twins we will certainly be.)

  2. Frank - I like that you sent your wife to check my Pirate out! That made me grin :))

  3. But now how do I get her to stop grinning?

  4. I think they made the right choice.

  5. I almost missed the roguish hunk.


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