16 July 2009

All You Need is Love

Folly Beach, S.C.

What would you do without me to document these fleeting images? Huh, huh, huh?

I doubt that particular graffiti lasted long in the waves. I've since enlarged and given this picture to friends who married on the beach.

I have never been a public speaker and tend to operate behind the scenes but I've been front and center so often lately that hopefully I am learning something. Whew. This had better get easy soon. It's all very stressful for a shy girl.

The day before yesterday I was on Healthbeat TV, yesterday I was featured with a full page color picture in House Calls Magazine and this evening I was asked to speak to the Mended Hearts Support Group about my trip to Kenya. Since they were all former cardiac patients I took Dr. Sock Monkey down in my back pack and introduced them to the new doctor in town. I got a big kick out of having the former Mayor of North Charleston pose with the good doctor. Heheh.

Anyone have any chocolate in the house?