11 June 2009

White Haired Warriors

Finally! I've been appreciated for something that comes naturally! Read Charlie for the article and leave a comment saying you know the wacky white haired lady. ;) It will probably be the only time you will ever see my hair out loose.

Years ago a young girl came to my office and asked to talk to me. She said she had spotted a few gray hairs. She intended to color her hair but her husband told her that if she thought she would go gray like Joan Perry he would like her to leave it. Wow. Another lady came up to me slightly tipsy at a party and hugged me and thanked me for "not coloring your hair."

Little do they know, I could have posed for this article twenty years ago. My daughter already has a white strand just the way I started. I tell people I have a good story for each white hair. And I do. There was a time when I was called "prematurely gray" but people stopped saying "premature."

Thanks to Caroline Nuttal from CHARLIE and photographer Matthew Morse for making me look good. It was a lot of fun.