13 June 2009

Sesame Burgers & Beer

Sesame Burgers & Beer, Spruill Ave., North Charleston, SC

Sesame Burgers & Beer on Spruill Ave. is one of my favorite treats. The funny thing is that I have never eaten one of their burgers and probably never will. Once I find a favorite item on the menu I tend to stick with it. I am strictly a Blue's Corn, Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Corona girl. Then I reach in and steal two extra mints on the way out.

Blue's Corn: $3.75
Chargrilled corn on the cob, slow cooked in milk and slathered with chipotle butter, cotija cheese and lime

Ultimate Grilled Cheese: $5.25
Ultimate grilled cheese with Tillamook cheddar, brie, fontina, tomatoes and garlic aioli on sourdough

Don't all go at once.


  1. I am not a real big fan of corn on the cob, but that grilled cheese sounds really good.

    Congrats, Great Auntie Joan ;-)

  2. Doug - Thank you! She is a little Kingston cutie :).

  3. I'd guess your a veggie like Lois Anne...I know she'd like this place. Well, I would too, and I wouldn't eat the burgers, either! But the rest of what you described sounds luscious...

    Mints, hey?

  4. Love your blog Joan. So many interesting posts. I do have a weakness for burger but have to have chips as well otherwise it's just not complete. Hardly the healthiest meal!


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