15 June 2009

Queen of the Road

King St., Charleston, SC

I'd never do it myself, but I love the fact that other people skateboard. Doesn't she look great sailing up the street? I used to joke about building Skate Town if I won the lottery. It would have hotels and shops that you could skate right through. Whooosh!


  1. Great idea. I hope you get the chance to follow thru.

  2. Avril Lavigne (big Canadian rock type star) wrote and performed a song called Sk8er Boi. In her home town, they have signs above the sidewalks that say

    BY-LAW #9926

    Maybe that's why she got the heck out of Napanee :-)

  3. "Queen of the Road" on King Street?

    (BTW, are you sure that's King Street... I'm pretty sure King Street is one way for most of downtown)

  4. JFH - Queen of King then. That is better anyway. :) You need to get back to Charleston more often. King is two way above Calhoun which this is.

  5. Doug - It isn't legal on the sidewalks here either. That's why I have to build Skate Town.

    BSquared - Thank you. I do too. Unlikely though since I buy the odd lottery ticket and forget to check it.

  6. I would love to skate, but sadly...all I do is fall down! Skate Town would be such a breeze. You could say things like, "Skate right in" or "Have a skate and a smile!"

  7. When I was an undergraduate, during the first two years when I lived in a dorm, there was a tennis court just outside of our dorm - we used to go out there in the middle of the night and do the skateboard thing. It was alot of fun - I'm sure I'd kill myself doing it now!


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