18 June 2009

Middleton Place Plantation

Middleton Place Plantation, Charleston, SC

Stayed up too late putting a slide show to music for my summer camper's graduation tomorrow. Each night I came home and added to it to have it ready for tomorrow. I find that by the time I am finished with a slide show I am so sick of the song I can't bear to hear it again.

This evening's photo is from Middleton Place Plantation.

Yawn. G'night folks.


  1. Night and sleep well

  2. Lovely. It looks so peaceful and quiet, a perfect place to sit and relax. :]

  3. This is beautiful. You really framed this one perfectly. It could be a painting.

  4. You hijacked a post card photo, right? Just joking. Beautiful shot.

  5. A beautiful place and a wonderful photograph!

  6. Just imagine how Bear and I felt after home-compiling nine CDs for our wedding reception... and that was whittled down from a list of about a thousand songs! We had to listen to everything over and over to decide whether to include it, and in what order. It was fun, but by the time the reception happened, the music was tattooed on the inside of our skulls. HA!


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