23 June 2009

Edisto Mystery Tree

Edisto Island, SC

I am so darned nice when everything is going my way it's almost pathetic. Sadly today isn't one of those days. Grrrr. I am spitting fire and shooting lightening from my eyes. Y'all stay clear.

Meanwhile, I may be mean as a snake, but here is a sweet picture of the Mystery Tree on Edisto Island to reassure you that my irritation does not extend to my blog family. My blogimy?

I haven't tracked down any explanation for it but it is always decorated and the festivities change according to the season. I took this shot some time ago but it is decorated in a similar beachy fashion right now. Someone takes the trouble to go out in the marsh, take down the old stuff and put up fresh and colorful items. Ya gotta love that. It's almost enough to put me in a good mood.

Does anyone know the rest of the story?