21 June 2009

Don't Block The Driveway

Charleston, SC

Don't block our driveway. We mean it.


  1. Must have had a lot of blocking up your way...I'd get ticked off if someone blocked my driveway, too, though...

  2. On Society Street, in Ansonborough, my Dad got tired of going into the next door American Legion hall/bar to ask that his driveway be un-blocked.

    One day he asked the bartender to announce that he, my Dad, was going to burn a stack of leaves.

    "So, who cares?" said the bartender.

    "They're piled under the car blocking my driveway," he responded.

  3. "Something WILL happen to your vehicle." Now that's Southrn charm and hospitality oozing out the gate. Too funny by a mile.

  4. Jacob - There is a lot of blocking! On occasion I can't get out of my drive and I've actually had to call a tow truck just to get to work.

    Chuck - Hahah! I bet that got their attention.

    Frank - :) It made me smile. I have photocopied sheets of paper with a picture of a tow truck. I put them on their windshield.

  5. That is so inventive. During one terribly bad parking nightmare on our streets (the annual Gasparilla festival of half a million) I tape "threats" about it being PRIVATE property and they WILL be towed...etc. But I just hope they actually come get their car sometime before morning.


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