30 December 2008

Be Kind

Be Kind, Smith St., Charleston, SC

A whole new site with a whole new audience, who mostly haven't seen my world renowned collection of sidewalk graffiti. My head is spinning thinking of what to show first.

How about this sweet piece from Smith St.? It is one of the first I took when I realized the wealth of material scribbled in Charleston's sidewalks. There are a couple others in the Be Kind series. I have no idea how that happened. Hmmmm.

All things considered though, if you only have a few minutes to scribble something in wet cement and you happen to have a paint can opener in your pocket, Be Kind isn't the worst thing a person could write.

I'm afraid this isn't the last of the sidewalk graffiti. I spend more time looking at my feet than the sky.

Food, food. I need food. Anyone got anything good cookin'?


Julie said...

Yep ... I'm up for more of this graffiti stuff! And thanks for the fog comment: a photographer's friend, indeed.

Beach Bum said...

Hey, just checking in, saw your other blog down a couple of days ago and just saw your message at my sire.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Joan. "Wow 'em" with your graffiti collection. Food...you just missed some of K's awesome home made spaghetti/sauce. I'll save you some next time. :)


Joan said...

Julie - I like you! I have hundreds of them.

Beach Bum - Refugee I tell ya, I am a refugee. I found a nice camp though. Got lucky.

lowandslow - Sounds good. I picked at leftovers. I am having a bad stretch. Everything I touch breaks. It was too dangerous to cook.

Anonymous said...

Love "Be Kind" - it's perfect.

Marc said...

What a great message for the new year!

JM said...

Be kind! This is a good message for 2009.


Joan said...

dkpark, Marc, JM: Thanks. I agree. It is a good new year's message. The important one.